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Is Life Like Minesweeper?

“What is life like? Is it like Windows Minesweeper?”

This question has been on my mind a lot lately.

I never truly believed that dying young was an actual thing. I never experienced it first hand and I always thought that it was something you see/hear about in tv show and/or movies about teenagers and young adults. But over the past several weeks, it’s been proven now, various times now, that death can sneak up and take anyone at any given time.

It taught me that life really isn’t as long as people think. It’s kinda reminds me of that one game Minesweeper that we used to play on the older Windows software. Where you test your luck to see if you can beat the game without stepping on a single mine.

It had me thinking. Life is really too short and precious. So my advice to you, if you are reading, is to try and live a life full of excitement, joy and love. And try to stay away from a life full of hate and boredom. Live as if you had no worry because it could be taken quickly.

Nothing in this world matters except your faith and love to your family and friends. Cherish them and cherish your life.

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