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Rags to Riches, Final cut

I created a video on a few successful people who were not born into families that defined success as a monetary term for their backgrounds of whom are from humble beginnings that defined success as the passion and integrity found in the value of their craft. These definitions of success are what helped many of these iconic leaders secure a strong financial position while making changes not only their lives but inspiring and generating ideas that changed the lives of those around them!


Poverty and Inequality

I created a video about poverty and inequality in the world. We must use this educational tool as a lesson and an awakening to how fortunate we are. Hundreds of millions of people live every day without shelter and without knowing where the next meal will come from. You can view my “call to action” here.

World Poverty

Natural Nature Video

Dear Readers:

This week I created an iMovie in the digital lab. The video is a mixture of nature and everything else. It took me a while to create, but definitely a very nice video. I hope you like it, please let me know your feedback. You can view my video here.


Digital Studies Showcase

I intend for this post to serve as a space where I can highlight some of my favorite digital works as we are finally approaching mid-semester in DS106.

This is my most recent audio project that I am proud to display. I was able to capture sounds from around my city and university then place the various sounds on some eclectic background music. Comment below this post to see if you can identify the sounds or in what environment they were found.

For my digital studies class I have assignments called Daily Creates – the idea of a daily create is a small digital project from many different categories – that takes anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes. They are sometimes hard, but always fun. If you want to try some out for yourself, follow this link to The Digital Studies Daily Create Website.

Here are some of my favorite daily creates!

Do you have this fear?

Do you live in a busy city or have ever traveled to a city where there are heat grates like Washington, DC or New York?  You casually walk across them more than likely because you like the warm air they produce in the colder months. I bet you do expect people to pass their hands through the grate while you walk past, do you?  Well this happen to me once and let’s just say it scared the living day-lights out of me.


A Tribute to 9/11



I believe this picture in black and white really captures what America is about – FREEDOM! A flag triumphing over all our battles, heartache, and hardships. Always persevering, this is a symbol that the American people are strong and will always fight for freedom until the true nations-man dies.


A funky creative architecture



I bet you have never seen anything like this before? I don’t know how to describe it other than it being radically amazing.


Thanks for checking out my showcase, if you want to see more creative works on my blog let me know!

¡Sounds of your city!

Record glimpses of different sounds you hear throughout the day, at university, your job, or your city. Compile as many sounds as you would like (ideally in 10 second burst), this makes it easier for editing, chopping, and creating. Use audio editing software like Audacity or Logic and share the assignment through Sound Cloud or other medium. Lastly, have patience and have fun with this. If you choose this assignment, please share!

Fan Fiction (Hound of the Baskervilles)


Knowledge is power in the Hound of Baskervilles because when Holmes and Watson encounter several dead-ends in their threads, but Holmes is optimistic he will find a solution because correct clues. He is confident in his own intellectual and eventually a solution was found.


Some of the scenes in The Hound of Baskervilles are utterly mind-blowing and this is depicted in the GIF above.


Grab your popcorn and get ready for scenes of excitement and mischievousness.


A lot of the scenes are scary and this GIF shows the suspense and scary factor in the movie


You know when you are casually eating your popcorn and you get frightened? Well Jon Stewart is basically me!

How would you explain the The Hound of Baskervilles in GIFs? Well this is my take on it, what do you think? OH HAPPY DAY, A TON OF GIFs LITERALLY!